Edge of Space

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Genre:Action, Adventure
Developer:Handyman Studios
Publisher:Reverb Publishing

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Special Edition Features
(will be available at launch, not before):

  • Pet: Sugar Glider 
  • Extra Pickaxe: Diggs faster!!!
  • Edge of Space Sound Track
  • Edge of Space PDF Art book


What is Edge of Space?
Edge of Space is a 2D survival, exploration, terraforming, crafting, and building game. It places you in a dynamic open-world sandbox where you must build, create, mold, and work to survive in the deepest, darkest, weirdest, and possibly most interesting part of the "un-known" universe. The world itself is alive, and working against you. You can't let your guard down, or everything you've worked for will be lost!

What is the story?
The story centers around you, as an ArkCo recruit. As one of the few, proud, and lucky men and women of ArkCo, you must go where no one has wanted to go or was technically “meant” to go. After an indeterminate time in cryo-sleep, you awake to find yourself in a lonely, Bermuda Triangle-like area in the depths of space. There is no way back, you are on your own, and you must fight to survive. Your only hope lies in your knowledge of ArkCo's incredible technologies. Now you must find the materials to produce them in your deadly new home. Can you find what it takes to thrive in the depths of space?

What about the gameplay? How is it different?
Edge of Space features some of things you would expect from a 2d sandbox but then expands in those concepts. In Edge of Space, the very environment is aware of your presence, and will work AGAINST you. The world is immersed in various deadly exposures, further challenging you as you attempt to explore and tame the environment. You must create a breathable atmosphere, capable of sustaining life. Should you cease to maintain that atmosphere, the world will overtake your base, and revert to its original deadly state. Features such as gas simulation, streamlined power grid system, co-op weapons, non-linear advancement system, reactive environment, global goals, and a unique crafting system all enhance the experience. The player vs. environment feel brings different spin to the genre, pitting the player against far more than just mobs. You will be constantly challenged to terraform bigger and bigger portions of the world to keep your hold on it, and ultimately to conquer it all.


  • Vaulted server-stored characters
  • Mega-deep exploration elements and ultra-rare items to seek out to help you dominate your world
  • A wide choice of vehicles, armors, weapons and variations of each to suit your method of play
  • Hordes of enemies and epic bosses: Enemies that have unique attack patterns and different vulnerabilities to exploit. One weapon will not rule them all!
  • Integrated IRC chat client grants gamers complete freedom to talk with friends, whether or not they’re currently in the game
  • Deep crafting system unique to the genre
  • Reactive environment, as you do things the world will change and respond to those actions
  • Co-Op Weapon, Weapons used in tandem or comboing with your friends create unique effects or work together nicely
  • Fully modifiable world
  • Pets
  • Do everything with your friends, as edge of space is built for multiplier from the ground up


OS:Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 Required
Processor:2.9 GHZ or higher
RAM:1 GB or higher
Video Card:512 MB Video Memory
Hard Drive:900 MB of free space
DirectX®:9.0c or Greater

© 2011 Handyman Studios. All Rights Reserved.