Our mission is to be the online destination for gamers to buy the best new video games in the market.  Rain Digital Games is built from the ground-up to be the definitive distribution channel for independent video game publishers and developers.

Rain Digital Games is an online store designed to provide a compelling and reliable distribution channel for independent video game developers and publishers.  The future of the video game market lies in the hands of small independent companies who drive the creativity, vision and excitement into our industry.  Far too often these companies, and their products fall short in getting to market and into the hands of the consumers. Rain Digital Games is solving this problem by offering competitive distribution fees, full service marketing support for each title, and a complete menu of additional marketing, public relations and advertising services in an easy to understand and cost efficient manner.  Rain Digital Games strives to provide independent video game companies, large or small, with the tools needed to properly release their video games.

Rain is powered by the services of two world class leaders in game marketing and distribution – Digital River and Majesco Entertainment.

Using precise messaging and calculated marketing campaigns, we are able to drive consumer and industry demand for our clients' products, resulting in increased product sales. Our staff is comprised of driven professionals with an expertise in the launch of videogame software and peripherals.